Whole School Projects

In 2016, beautiful new signs were created for our school's Nature Trail. In developing the new signs, we preserved some of the original illustrations and text, to honor the work of past students and contribute to the history of the school and trail.  We also involved students in research projects on self-selected topics, enhancing their work through artistic expression.

To celebrate the 50th year of our school and community, Fayston students studied the history and context of the place we call Fayston, Vermont.  Our project involved our whole school in partnership with the residents of Fayston.  Students in Kindergarten through 6th grade were able to collect oral histories and conduct ethnographic research on the relationships that Fayston citizens had with their schools and town over the years.

Fayston School's 2012 Mock Election gave students the opportunity to learn the importance of their vote! Students took the time to register by taking an oath and signing up, and then voting on their choice for government officials later in the week.

Empty Bowls

This Service Learning project took place in the early part of 2012. Fayston students worked with local potter Leslie Montalto to create ceramic bowls using various techniques. Additionally, they learned about many aspects of food including hunger prevention efforts in their community and beyond. Over the course of the project, students worked to create products that demonstrated their knowledge, specifically drawing upon many technology resources that are available.

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