Fayston School Board

The Fayston School Board will responsibly provide for the education of all Fayston children to their full potential by working collaboratively with the administration, staff and community.

Dear Staff and Families, 


The Fayston School Board has written to the HUUSD Board in an attempt to safeguard our teachers and capacity at Fayston School in the coming school year.  The HUUSD budget discussions have swiftly moved off the Act 46 Committee's commitment to operate with a level service budget in year one to a proposal by the Superintendent to eliminate the on staff sub and two teachers at Fayston School.  She has backed down to eliminating the on staff sub and one teacher, but the Board Chair is on board with this plan and other board members seem receptive as well.  We are opposed to the HUUSD Board making any reductions in Fayston School staff at this time for a variety of reasons.  They are expressed in the letter.  It is lengthy, but we hope you will take the time to read it.  If you share our concern and can come to upcoming HUUSD Board budget discussions, please do so.  Meetings will be held January 4th and 18th at 6pm at the HUHS Library.  Your presence and your voice matter.   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any Fayston School Board Member.  We welcome your engagement.  




Heidi Spear

Fayston School Board Chair


The Fayston School’s Board of Directors meets monthly, on the third Tuesday, at 6:30 PM at the school, unless otherwise warned. Meeting agendas are available by email or hard copy from the principal at least 24 hours in advance. Agendas are posted at the school, town clerk’s office and Washington West’s office building. Additionally, draft minutes of meetings are available from the principal within five days of the meeting.

The Board welcomes community attendance and participation at meetings. Those attending to discuss a particular topic should kindly notify the principal so that time may be allotted on the agenda.


Board Chair:

Heidi Spear (hshenry@gmavt.net)


3 year term, expires 2019



Jill Ellis (jkellis@wcvt.com)


3 year term, expires 2017


Additional Board Members:

Doug Mosle (doug@madriver.com)


2 year term, expires 2018


Susan MacLean-Daley (newcriation@accessvt.com)


2 year term, expires 2017

Elizabeth "Liz" Purcell (lpurcell@gmvs.org)


expires 2017