2012 Mock Elections

How much does your child know about this year’s election?

By the time election day rolls around, it may seem as if the process has been going on forever. For kids however, elections can be a powerful educational opportunity! Election day is the climax of the whole thing, where children can make a choice of who they would like to be our nation’s next President. The truly amazing thing is that the process does not have to be about politics. Instead, it is about decision making, and learning about democratic process and our system of government. Creating a student mock election is one good way to make the experience come alive for children.

Registration will be held all day Monday through Thursday, and students will be able to vote on Friday, November 2nd. Students will be encouraged to make time to register during their day, and will only be allowed to participate on Friday if they are registered voters. This will be an excellent opportunity for students to learn about our government, our electoral candidates and some of the many issues that are of importance to voters. We are all looking forward to sharing this experience with your children and will have many updates in the coming week!

Here at Fayston Elementary, we are very excited to announce that starting Monday, October 29th, Students will have the opportunity to participate in our Nation’s government with their very own mock election! Fayston Elementary School Staff will be holding a mock registration and voting drive for grades K – 6. The event will be a two step process, allowing students to first say the Vermont Voter’s Oath(Freeman’s Oath) and register by answering a few simple questions. Late in the week children will be able to cast their vote in actual voting booths from our Town Hall!

Response to the Mock Elections

On Friday, November 2nd, students in grades K – 6 had the opportunity to cast their vote for who they wanted to elect as our country’s next president. In response to the election, the Sixth Graders had a lot to say about their experiences and what they learned:

Some ways that children under the voting age can stay informed on the issues that affect our country is the news, newspapers, websites, and magazines. Online, you can go to certain websites and they will tell you about the issues in other ways, and give you opinions that you will not always find in other places. It is important to look at all sorts of resources for information. – Abby


It is important to be a good citizen. A good citizen is a person who takes part in voting and follows our laws. – Noah


Voting is an important responsibility for citizens because every citizen has a part in voting. It is only fair if citizens vote too. Citizens have an important responsibility in voting because whoever wins the election is the person who has the ability to make change for our country. Every vote counts. One vote can change who becomes our next president. – Willa

Before we could vote on Friday, we had to register and take the Freeman’s Oath. It was kind of weird taking the Oath. It felt very official, like you were an immigrant traveling to a foreign country. Another thing we had to do when registering was to sign a document. At the end I received a button and a sticker. – Nate

I think voting is an important responsibility because if you do not vote, you could get the president you did not want. Voting is also important because the person that you want to be in office might just need that one vote. – Asher


Voting is important because if you think this person or that person is better then you should be a part of that. If you want a certain person to win, then you should vote. Your vote matters, because another candidate could win without your vote. You can improve your country with just one vote. – Shannon


Voting is an important thing to do because one vote can change a lot, like putting the person you want for president in office. One vote can change the whole debate! – Ely


Good ways for young people to stay informed on the current issues would be to watch the news, read Time for Kids, newspapers, or research on the internet. – Kelly


Voting is important because just one vote can change everything. Not voting can influence other people not to vote. Voting is a choice, but to be a good citizen you should make it your responsibility. It will help the candidates who are running. I think people vote because there are things that are not right in our world and it is important to vote for who you think will do their best to make a change. – Janie